You have arranged a fantastic deal for locals and ex-pats. I don’t go anywhere else! You are a tonic in this often hectic world!

Ben Green School


Rama, thank you for the depth of my being I was able to open up, Thank you for you profound presence that let me feel like I was in another dimension.

The notes were dancing on my body, and touched my heart. Such dear tenderness!


Tina, your Bali massage has transported me to Paradise! Jaques

What a wonderful reflexology massage Putu! I will be back! Thanks a lot!


The best massage in my life! Ayu, you have hand of a thousand healing angels.


ShangriLa provide true conscious massage! I feel true gratitude for all the staff at ShangriLa. Thank you!


Thank you Rama and Tina! I feel so much better than when I arrived! Tina your tiny hands are magic.


The best way I have spent my money in Bali yet! Second was diving in Amed! Thanks a lot for the strokes!


Thank you, Thank you Tina! My best massage on Bali! Marrissa

From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed and joy!

Tina’s massage made my whole body smile, and Rama gave me an excellent facial. Thank you so much, you are stars!


After 2 Weeks in Bali the Reflexology was the best way to end my stay here!


Thank you Tina for your sensitive and therapeutic massage!! Beate

Every spot in my body that had blocked energy, you found Rama. Thanks a lot for your massage! I feel a lot of strong energy pulsing now through my whole body! I even feel my feet chakras again. Love and Blessings.


Thank you Rama for this wonderful experience. I feel in bliss. Anne

Dear Putu, that was such an angelic massage, as I have never experienced in my life before.  Thank you that you ARE!


Rama, I feel so light like a bird now. Happy Birthday!!! Yours Lucia

Dear Putu, you have golden hands and a soul like a butterfly!


Putu, thank you for a great treatment! You made my day so sweet!


This was a wonderful massage, very precious! Very attentive!


Thank you for a very inspiring, intuitive, caring massage! Most wonderful!


Thank you Tina for your massage: professional, tender and compassionate!


Putu and Rama! What can I say! Such wonderful massage! You are truly masters!


Thank you Putu and Rama! What an excellent experience! You give international qualitiy service with a soft and soothing atmosphere.

Thank you so much for the lovely experience. It is obvious you care very much about your customers.

Jeantte and Michelle

Rama puts massage on a higher level! Thanks for your caring hands and mind!


Thank you Tina, I can’t say this enough. This is like coming to heaven! REALLY! The sweetest Goddess took totally care of me! Grace!


Tina, what a massage! I didn’t want to open my eyes anymore!


Rama, I thank you with my whole being! You attention, you sweetness, your gracious touch, the quality of your massage! Thank you also to all the staff here, I love the atmosphere



Eka war wirklich himmlisch von ihrer Energie und ihrer technik. Ich glaube das sie ein echtes Naturtalent ist, und noch viele ganzheitlichen sowie spirituellen Techniken für sich erweitern kann. Bestimmt wäre sie auch ein Mesch der mit Cranio arbeiten könnte.


Fantastic massage!!!! Beautiful setting! Putu and Tina, you did a great job and have healing hands! Highly recommened to all my friends!

Owners of SANG SPA

“Beautiful music, amazing massage! This place is the Best!


Beautiful, professional massage in beautiful setting. Haly

Awesome massage in most beautiful setting. Cohen
The Lomi Lomi massage with Rama was superb!

Live Thanks. Lomi Lomi, one of my best massages in my life! Blesses Love!


Sacred touch in a healing sanctuary!


I was so grateful for this most loving and special place! A home away from Home!


I came in pain, I floated out in Heaven. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

 Namaste Suzy

Putu your hands are magic!
An absolutely beautiful massage! No way to describe it! Thank you so much!


Rama you have the most wonderful hands! Thank you for your treatment!


Truly the Best massage I have had in Bali!


Tina, that was a wonderful massage! I will come back here when I am in Ubud again.


This is the best place for massage in Ubud. You have got to try Lomi Lomi with Tina.


I just had a wonderful massage with Tina. Wow, that was my best massage so far in Bali. Thank you!


Thank you for a truly timeless and relieving reflexology and Lomi Lomi massage!


My first THAI Massage, with Rama, was amazing. It was at once a very deep and strong massage that allowed me to also deeply relax.


I had my best massage here ever. I can’t thank you enough! I will come back next year!


Thank you Putu! You are amazing! I came here to get a reflexology and left totally transformed in my whole body and soul.I felt touched by heaven. It was the best massage experience I have ever had.

WOW. I feel so deeply relaxed and yet vibrantly alive!


Putu, there is so much consciousness and love in the massage! It is so different from all the other massages out there, which are more like fast food. ShangriLa Massage is like Health Food!


Rama, you found spots on my back, that not many find. I feel totally great now.


I have had a lot of massages in my life and this is THE BEST I HAVE HAD in MY LIFE! Full Body Reflexology.


I stumbled onto ShangriLal walking down the street. What a special place.

I had an amazing full body reflexology treatment. THANK YOU PUTU, I feel so great. My whole body is full of energy. I feel so good!


Wow Rama, this was my best massage in two months in Bali. You have such a healing touch. The difference is in the loving kindness, the mastery, and of course your compassionate presence. Thank you for creating ShangriLa!

Having a massage with Putu was like getting a massage from a master, who happens to be your brother. He has a heart of gold and loves you very much.


You will love it. I loved it! The best massage in Bali. The ambience and touch! I am leaving with a smile in my heart!

Merci Leo

The massage by Tina was heavenly. I felt every muscle relax. You have to experience this. Katharina

A magical massage, effective and golden! Thank you Putu!


I have been coming back and back again. Thank you ShangriLa!



Dear Rama,

Returned to Holland I would like to tell you that you made my last evening in Ubud very special with a delightful and skillful massage. Moreover, your friendliness was so warm that the 90 minutes passed far too quickly.

Thank you again and I look forward to my next visit to Ubud, probably in April, and another heavenly massage from you. It was interesting to read on the Spa's website about your artistic accomplishments : bravo !!

With best wishes from a friend in Holland,

Jeremy  (I hope you remember me, haha !!, You must have so much 'familyl' )