Beach view, North Bali

Explore the North Shore of BALI


This is your romantic and perfect getaway. Whether

you are on your honeymoon, enjoying a personal

spiritual retreat or just want to feel refreshed again,

a lush garden of tropical plants, flowers, birds,

coconut trees and the ocean lift your spirit into the


The beautiful beach is great for:

- a blissful swim in the morning light,

- great for snorkeling even for beginners;

- take peaceful walks along the ocean;

- view the sunrise from your balcony

- watch the sun set as you relax, sipping your fruit smoothy at the restaurant.

- practice YOGA in the mediation temple

- dream right by the ocean front;

- watch the dolphins and fishermen


swimming pool

Here you are surrounded by the natural beauty and

gorgeous scenery of Bali as is still can be.


Mediation and Yoga TempleMeditation Hall inside Bali



Ocean Side Retreat



Explore the magic of the north shore of Bali as you treat yourself to wellness and adventure at our Shambala Wellness Retreat.

Sweeping ocean views surround you from each part of the house. As you awaken to sun rays touching your face, your gaze sweeps over the gardens lush design. As you are served your breakfast, you and your beloveds will find yourselves surrounded by beauty in every direction you look while you eat, pray and love.


Our beautiful retreat, with a loving staff and well trained therapists will treat you to an experience that will stay with you forever.


We are located 1 hour and 45 minutes north of Ubud on Bali’s north shore right on the ocean.


Here on the other side of Bali, away from street noise and crowds, you can relax in an enchanting and tranquil garden setting on a quiet beach.
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