Don Paris, Ilona Selke

Ilona Selke & Don Paris


Why we got started!

Maybe you have already experienced the magical talent of the Balinese who know things in advance, who feel your thoughts, look straight into your heart, and who know the right timing.

During a magical moment in Spring of 2008, I, Ilona Selke, was getting a massage in Ubud at a Spa, when my therapist told me, that I will have a SPA in UBUD, and that I will be his boss.

I laughed, as we were just building a Retreat Center on the North Shore of Bali and really didn't need any more work.

Lo and behold! A few months later my husband Don Paris and I found ourselves wanting to open a SPA in Ubud. We wanted to give the clients a feeling for the Beauty of our ShangriLa Retreat Center up North.

We also wanted to offer great treatments, treatments that heal, that are of another kind, that attend to the finer vibrations of body, mind and soul. We wanted to offer healing, as well as a great place of respect, honoring the spiritual essence in the clients as well as the therapist.

We wanted to offer greater wages to amazingly talented therapist, and offer a unique SPA experience to tourists, in the heart of UBUD, not just in remote luxury Hotels that many mortals wont ever see.


THAT inspired us to open SHAMBALA SPA in the heart of UBUD.

What is Win- Win :  You may ask yourself, why we would not want to charge more for such a high class massage, or pay the usual wages to the therapists, and get by with the least amount of effort in building?


We pay good wages as well as % for each massage. AND we hope that you will pay a tip that reflects the higher service that you get. We have found high class therapists for you for our SHAMBALA SPA.

Your contribution will make the difference not only in the therapists and their extended families's life, but also we are hoping that our staff's children will be able to get a higher education and even attend university.

Well, we belive we live in a win-win universe. What comes around goes around. We are doing our part and we hope you feel inspired to do your part in helping a Balinese family.

You can rest assured that your tip will be passed onto YOUR therapist 100%.

Welcome to SHAMBALA, the place where Heaven & Earth meet. We hope you too will go home touched in a magical way!


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